Class HistoryTerrapin

  extended by terrapin.Terrapin
      extended by terrapin.HistoryTerrapin

public class HistoryTerrapin
extends Terrapin

HistoryTurtle extends Terrapin to record lines drawn in the lines array. These can be edited so as to change what has already been drawn. This class is much, much slower than the normal Terrapin class.

George Bashi, Ollie Glass

Field Summary
 java.util.ArrayList<Line> lines
          The lines previously drawn
Fields inherited from class terrapin.Terrapin
applet, drawColor, drawing, x, y
Constructor Summary
HistoryTerrapin(processing.core.PApplet applet)
          Create a new Terrapin
HistoryTerrapin(Terrapin parent)
          Copy a Terrapin
Method Summary
 void draw()
          Draw method.
Methods inherited from class terrapin.Terrapin
backward, forward, getDistance, getDistance, getNearest, getRotation, left, moveToward, moveToward, moveToward, moveToward, randomPenColor, right, setLocation, setPenColor, setPenColor, setRotation, strafeLeft, strafeRight, toString
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Field Detail


public java.util.ArrayList<Line> lines
The lines previously drawn

Constructor Detail


public HistoryTerrapin(processing.core.PApplet applet)
Create a new Terrapin

applet - the PApplet to draw to.


public HistoryTerrapin(Terrapin parent)
Copy a Terrapin

parent - Terrapin to copy
Method Detail


public void draw()
Draw method. You shouldn't call this unless you are using PApplet.noLoop(), as Processing will do so automatically.

processing library Terrapin by George Bashi and Ollie Glass. (c) 2007